Electric Pallet truck


ETU16-20 Series

Great Performance

Electric Pallet Truck

Easy and high efficiency to operator. The maximum capacity is 2 tons. Wide chassis with better stabilization help operator increasing the moving speed

The new innovative AC technology increased efficiency.
Reduced operating costs at the same time.
No brush or brake linings to lower the maintenance cost.
Regenerative braking ensure fast smooth acceleration and deceleration.
Multi-shift operation (180 degree).

Easy Operation

Optimum cornering Multifunctional control tiller head

The ergonomic tiller head is perfectly adjusted to operator requirements.

The operator is easy and comfortable to control all tiller head functions by just single hand.
Sensitive mast Up/Down switch give operator high efficiency load/unload the goods through adjustable speed range of hydraulic motor
The tiller head design 10 degrees in order to move the stacker. When tiller head reaches the highest/ lowerest angle the pallet truck will stop from moving.
Anti-Rollback" features ensure safety.
Crawl speed switch for quick access and easy operation with the tiller in the vertical position.

Easy maintenance
Side-load battery compartment is easy to charge or change the battery.

Sideway remove with roller for quick battery change.