Radial Drill Machines TPR-C5030R

  • Does not require big occupation of space
  • Accommodating portability. Caster at the base of the compactor allow for easy locomotion
  • Wastes can be pressed down to 1/10th of their original size in a short time, substantially reduced waste disposal/ hauling and waste management requirements
  • Environmental friendly, can compact waste at source
  • Flexible in the waste material handled, such as paper, plastic, living wastes and semi humid wastes
  • Easy to use – hygienic design and operation were made with user in mind
  • Superior sanitation, reduce vermin & rodents around dumpsters and within the establishment. Enhance image of a much cleaner environment, reduce fire hazard
  • Ideal for use in: Hospitals, Health Care & Medical Facilities, Academic institutions, Restaurants, Public Resorts, Hotels, Amusement Parks, Casinos, Utility Rooms, Commercial Kitchens, Supermarkets, Shopping center and much much more

Hydraulically driven with simple operation. When compression pressure reaches 110 bar and above, the safety hydraulic circuit setting will revert press cylinder back to original position Improved security: Feature of a visor shield to protect the fingers from getting into the canister, and with sealed inner indent for debris free operation. Visor Shield is made of sheet metal with acrylic panel for added durability A distinct red emergency button is available for safety switch protection. This is to stop the machine immediately in situations of emergency To avoid damage due to uneven application of forces between the four rollers and the slide rails, each roller is 2mm eccentric in design to accommodate for possible adjustments
Three-phased control for the compactor aims at simple and secure operation Leveling adjustment design to prevent unexpected movements to the machine owing to uneven ground Tilt angle for handler bar to guide the open/ close movement of the feed opening