Tailift Launches Z-2000 Series Lithium-ion Forklifts
Tailift has launched its Z2000 series with lithium-ion batteries. The zero-emissions electric lift trucks with 1.8tonnes - 3.5 tonnes of lift capacity, and rapid opportunity charging.

Integrated with high voltage lithium batteries , this electric truck series can be charged in 100% by 2 hours and keep running for 6-8 hours according to the working conditions. High efficiency and energy Saving,  with the rapid opportunity charging, you can have it charged during regular work breaks, and then have it run for a whole day, need no extra battery exchange. 

In addition, it adopts the intelligent charging management. Control the charging current according to different temperatures and the state of charge of the batteries. Ensures the safety of the battery and improves the charging efficiency. When the battery is at low voltage, the battery can be charged at low current to ensure battery safety. When the battery is less than 10%, it will beep to prompt for charging. 

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