Z2000, 3 Wheel
Z2000, 3 Wheel
Z2000, 3 Wheel
Electric Counterbalance Forklifts Trucks
Easy Operation
Multifunctional LCD Instrument Panel

A large and easy-to-read multifunctional LCD panel is ergonomic designed for the operator.

Hydraulic Control
  • The ergonomic design of levers is provide the prefect positions for operator‘s hand without causing any extra stress.
  • Multifunction armrests with F/R control lever make forward and reverse easier.
Electric Minilever and Joystick

Optional advanced hydraulics Minlever and joystick with armrest are all new design gives more comfort to the operator.

High Stability
Advanced AC Controller System
Front Dual Drive Motor Reduce Small Turning Radius (Standard for FBT)
Integral Heavy Duty Chassis

A strong no-bolt integral heavy duty chassis gives the driver 20% more protection from falling loads. Tailift forklifts built with Integral heavy duty chassis, suite for all kind working surface.

Hydraulic Lock Out System

Our new hydraulic lock out system option which automatically lock off all hydraulic functions and transmission drive if it has not detected the presence of the operator.

Great Performance
Hydraulic Steering Axle
  • The new axle provides wider steering angles to 85 degree and reduces to a smaller turning radius.
  • Its compact size, allows the truck to work in narrower aisles.
  • Using high and low blockage fixed way to fix shaft, extend working life time and lower maintenance cost.
  • Grease nipples located on the contact points will save time and cost to do maintenance.
Smaller Steering Wheel
  • Smaller steering wheel (300mm)easy to operate and reduce operator‘s arm and shoulder’s workload.
  • The easy-handling steering wheel column with tilt adjustment.
Braking System

Simplify mechanical linkage of vertical braking system to reduce drive component wear and tear.  Extend brake pedal and mechanical working life.

Easy Service
  • Side battery access Side battery access is easy remove or exchange the truck battery facilitating.
  • Rear service panel Rear service panel are easy remove for quick service check and repair.
  • Centralized fuse box A centralized fuse box for easy inspection.

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Load capacity 1800 kg (3500 lbs) 2000 kg (4000 lbs)
Length (w/o forks) 2030 mm (79.9 in) 2035 mm (79.9 in)
Width 1090 mm (42.9 in) 1090 mm (42.9 in)
Height (overhead guard) 2090 mm (82.3 in) 2090 mm (82.3 in)
Travel speed (laden) 13 km/h (8 mph) 13 km/h (8 mph)
Travel speed (unladen) 14 km/h (8.6 mph) 14 km/h (8.6 mph)
Lift speed (laden) 300 mm/s (59 fpm) 300 mm/s (59 fpm)
Lift speed (unladen) 470 mm/s (92.5 fpm) 470 mm/s (92.5 fpm)
Turning radius 1590 mm (62.6 in) 1590 mm (62.6 in)
Engine N/A N/A
Controller ZAPI ZAPI
Rated output / Speed N/A N/A
Battery (min.capacity) 505 AH/5HR 505 AH/5HR

Mast Lock


Rain Guard (Standard: Acrylics; Option: Glass)

Climate Controlled Full Cabin

Side Shift

Z-2000 Electric Forkfilt Trucks 1.5-3.5 Ton 2 MB 2021-09-10

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