New products presentation in Qingdao, China

On August 27th, Global-Power Co., Ltd. (Qingdao) held a press conference in Jiaozhou, Shandong Province in the theme of Lai Fook Group (Taiwan)new forklift launch and product demonstration in 2010. On this grand conference, professionals in the forklift industry, the representatives of end users of Tailift forklifts from national wide and the related media, almost a hundred of people attended the conference to witness the significant moment of Tailift. (, English version: was invited to the conference.

The new forklift from Tailift was categorized as S series of forklift, NA2.0 series of narrow aisle electric forklift, multi-directional reach truck, rough terrain forklift, Silver Leopard forklift, Hercules forklift, Eagle forklift and tractors, in which various ranges of high end products were included. On the conference, most of these new products were demonstrated, fully representing the capacity of Lai Fook Group in terms of product design, research and development and manufacturing. These new members of Tailift family would add more power into the marketing competition force in the future, which would also stabilize and strengthen the leader position of Tailift forklift as the number one equipment in Taiwan area.

Till now, the group had covered diversified series of products from small tonnage forklift and warehouse forklift to tractor and rough terrain forklifts. Among the various forklifts, the high end products such as Hercules series, S series, NA2.0 narrow aisle electric forklift and multi-directional reach truck were the series co-designed by Lai Fook Group together with famous forklift companies like HUBTEX from Germany, Flexi from Britain, Dantruk from Denmark and Liftking from Canada, which were all manufactured in the plants in Taiwan and introduced into the mainland China as well.

Lin Xiwen, the Chairman of the Board from Lai Fook Group introduced to the guests that Tailift had a more than 40 years' development history and had been the top one forklift brand in Taiwan. Tailift ranked the third among forklift manufacturers in China mainland, just behind HELI and Hangcha. It ranked No. 10 among the global industrial vehicles manufacturers. With complete production technology, mature service and parts supply, the company has standard developing and managing systems of dealers and distributors. "It is believed that through the efforts made by all the staff and dealers in Tailift, we are able to supply the service and products surmounting the expectations of the customers," said Lin Xiwen, who also declaimed that this was just the departure of new development process referring to the fact that the market in the mainland China was always one of the strategic target for long term development. According to Mr. Lin, Tailift would continue to enlarge the investment in mainland China and provide more and more quality products and service.

Zhang Jie, the Secretary General of China Industrial Truck Association (CITA) of China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA), and Zhang Zhengjie, the Director of National Quality Supervision & Test Center for Construction Machinery attended the conference and made speech respectively to the guests, showing their congratulations to Tailift on their newly launched products. They both hoped that more and more international brands like Tailift could bring more various product series and more advanced service concepts to China while introduce higher state-of-art technologies on mainland market so as to cooperate and make progress together by adding greater energy into the forklift industry and creating vigorous development in China.

Lin Changyu, the Executive Assistant of Lai Fook Group accepted the special interview after the conference. He said that the development of the Group would never stop and all the Tailift staff would continue to pursue better ways to provide the customers with more satisfied products and services, which was not only the consistent operating concept of Tailift but also the foundation base of the company.

"No matter where we are, we will always be a team. Tailift insist in operating in a well-linked way with all of our dealers, and our staff continuously pursue the more flexible operating strategy and stick to provide the customers with first class and timely service. We believe that all what we can do is to try our best to make the customers satisfied with our products and service, letting them experience the tenet of Tailift through choosing Tailift forklift products to improve their lifting and material handling efficiency," said Mr. Lin, "we apply diversified systems including sales, dealership and distributorship in the hope of building up a bridge, through which we can listen to the customers, understand exactly what they need and ensure the fluency of the information transfer so as to link Tailift together with the dealers and end users in a close way. Moreover, we established a reasonable and effective system for information and feedback in order to make sure responding to all the demands of the customers and providing a more satisfied service atmosphere."

2010 would be a year full of hope in which so many surprises appeared on forklift market, according to Mr. Lin. "Though only half a year passed, we could see the remarkable progress on the market. Relying on the developing momentum of the whole forklift industry in the first half year, Tailift created high sales performance that in six months, the Group had finished 75% of the task set for the whole year. Tailift kept paying more attention on the mainland market compared to the relatively mature European and American markets," Mr. Lin explained, "through holding such an event, we expect to demonstrate the integration of foreign funded enterprises and state-owned enterprises, further searching a more suitable developing route for the cooperation and mutual win-win target for enterprises in both Taiwan and mainland China."

"As for the development in the future, Tailift will emphasize more on the research and development and manufacturing of quality products, which are expected to bring more profits to the enterprise after promoting on the market," he concluded, "considering the demand of the customers in mainland China, Tailift have launched series of products which are aiming at imroving efficiency and profits, erecting new benchmarks for the forklift industry, and building up a new brand image all around the market area. In the forthcoming development phrases, we will continuously put more products into the market, including large tonnage forklifts and other related products matched to the forklifts. In all, our development in mainland China is believed to be bright with cheerful prospects."

About Global-Power Co., Ltd (Qingdao)

The products of Global-Power are compact and have obtained the certification of CE and ISO 9000, with 1-42 tons diesel forklift, 1- 3T electrical forklift, LPG forklift, Container & environment protecting special using forklift, mini-type forklift, and NA2.0 type narrow aisle electric forklift, which introduces into the technology from England & accords to the latest design of Europe and America. These forklift trucks have so far won good reputation among customers from Europe, Middle East, U.S A., Canada, Southeast Asia, etc. Sincerely, you would be warmly welcome to visit Global-Power's factory here in Qingdao whenever you had a plan to come to China.

Global-Power Co., Ltd. has been making every endeavor to better the quality of their product and to research for manufacturing technology. While Global-Power's business is expanding into the international market, doctors of mechanics and technicians, professional and experienced, are employed in their department of researching and development. The well-organized team in this department not only makes their forklifts win the pioneering prestige in the industrial field but also designs specified machines to meet individual customers' need. To satisfy Global-Power's customers is their constant policy.